“What if Trump becomes president?”

I asked demonstrators at a Puente Arizona protest outside the Arizona State Capitol what they would do if Donald Trump were elected president. Here are some of their responses.



How do you feel about Donald Trump winning the Arizona primary election?

“I don’t feel so good about it. There’s a lot of people here that their homes are here…and I just don’t think that’s [electing Trump] a really good idea.” 

What are your fears if Donald Trump is elected?

“That we have to go back to Mexico and that Mexico can barely afford to feed it’s own people. I’m just…i’m just not happy about it.”

Are you worried about the possibility Trump might become president?

“A little because he won the primaries here so…I’m worried.”



Why are you here today?

“The main reason is that were protesting about all the unfair laws that are passing and especially [protesting] against Donald Trump. He’s promoting racial discrimination and violence all over the country…He’s going to destroy the economy…it’s going to be collapsing.”

What are your fears if Trump becomes president?

“He’s going to prohibit people, everything, maybe [prohibit] speak [sic] Spanish. He’s going to deport people that the U.S. needs here to work. People that are necessary to keep U.S. [sic] growing.”



Why are you here today?

“The main reason i’m here today was that a lot of people were not able to vote and i just think that’s I just think that’s very undemocratic. Some people couldn’t even get inside the polling places, the lines were so log, cars couldn’t find parking spaces, they couldn’t possibly have gotten in by the 7 deadline for getting in, line so it’s, it’s  a screwed up system i think.”

Did you vote?

“I did vote, i voted as early as i could. At around 8 in the morning… I wanted to get there as early as possible to make sure my vote was counted.”

How old are you?

“I’m 18…it was the first time I ever voted.”

How do you feel about Trump winning the Arizona primaries?

“I don’t know if i expected it or not but all i can hope is that Bernie is elected because he’s the only one who can really take him on.”

What are your fears if Trump is elected?

“Well, I think, i hope that the people are smarter than that than to put him in a place of power in the first place. But if he is elected, i honestly have no clue what to expect if he were elected. But i can tell that america would be pretty much the laughing stock of the world. I don’t know, a lot of bad things would happen.”

Note: These ‘man on the street’ interviews were conducted on March 19th at a protest organized by Puente Arizona, a local immigrant rights group. Puente demonstrators were protesting HB 2451, a law that would require undocumented immigrants who have committed crimes to serve 85% of their sentences before being released into the custody of immigration officials. However, many people were also protesting what they deemed an unfair primary election the night before. HB 2451 was signed into law by the end of March 2016.




Author: Madeline Ackley

I am a multimedia journalist studying at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University.

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