“What if Trump becomes president?”

I asked demonstrators at a Puente Arizona protest outside the Arizona State Capitol what they would do if Donald Trump were elected president. Here are some of their responses.



How do you feel about Donald Trump winning the Arizona primary election?

“I don’t feel so good about it. There’s a lot of people here that their homes are here…and I just don’t think that’s [electing Trump] a really good idea.” 

What are your fears if Donald Trump is elected?

“That we have to go back to Mexico and that Mexico can barely afford to feed it’s own people. I’m just…i’m just not happy about it.”

Are you worried about the possibility Trump might become president?

“A little because he won the primaries here so…I’m worried.”

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3 Human Rights Stories You Won’t See On CNN (Opinion)

It seems the media is always angrily invoked whenever pundits or politicians feel the need to assign blame. “The media!” is so often the target of blame it has become a cliché.

But sometimes, the media really does fail the public in substantive ways. In these cases, they deserve blame. This article references CNN by name, but the points made here can easily apply to any other mainstream news network.

Here’s a look at three stories CNN obsessed over, while the more important stories fell through the cracks.

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